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The strangest things I EVER collected as a kid…were used textbooks. In fourth grade, they were planning to switch to other, newer math textbooks and had all the old ones just hanging around in our particular classroom (colectively). We could do whatever we wanted with them and I ended up taking a copy home…to vandalize.

Yeah. I used it as extra drawing paper to doodle crappy art in (like, this stuff wasn’t done with effort even at THAT age) with inside jokes (mine and jokes shared with my sister) written/drawn in various pages.

My dad was working as a janitor for a hotel during that time, too, and on two different occasions, brought back two books he found while cleaning up rooms. One was a “How To Use Computers” book…from the early 1980s. The other was a history book for a Catholic school (the history of the faith, basically).

My sister and I drew in both of them as well. But the computers one is hilarious to look at despite the sketches because of all the old information that used to be correct in the world of technology. xD

And yeah, I was very shy about showing off stuff like that. I’m drawing in freaking TEXTBOOKS with jokes you won’t even get (and *I* don’t even remember the meaning behind anymore!) Of course younger-me doesn’t want to show off!

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  1. lamnay said: My old school books are full of weird in-jokes I don’t get anymore. Some with teachers notes next to them telling me to stop drawing pigeon-men in the margins.
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