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I am surprised and amazed at the support from all of you :3 It truly makes me happy to know I got such a good network of support online.

I just hope you can bear with me some more. I still have some summer commissions to go. It HAS been stressful and will be for a bit longer. But if you have/want commissions, I WILL draw them eventually. And continue to support us through our other art or ventures, online or offline :3


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cyclesofsaturn said: *hugs* I’m sorry this happened, but I’m glad you can still make things work!

Thank you for the hugs :3 And yes, we still have that apartment set up. We WILL be moving in on the 1st. It’s just…her mother. We tried to do our best there, we already knew fro the past that she was an emotional abuser (I was hoping with me around she would shut up but apparently that wasn’t so; she even started spouting racist things toward me - but she WANTS reactions and I just don’t react to things at all unless they’re genuinely funny. Otherwise…I’m a blank stare for the drama llamas~)…and she was the one that kindly offered to shelter us until we settled down financially and found a place to stay (which, as you know, takes a while especially if you’re new to the state entirely).

And then this happened. I still don’t know what her beef was…and I don’t care to. I’ve been comforting Leigh during this time. She’s genuinely scared of her mother now, but I’ll be here to protect her!

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So this is an interesting turn of events

Despite having an apartment set up for the beginning of the month, something seemed to snap in Leigh’s mother’s brain and she decided to kick us out of her house. She was always a brash and crass and emotionally abusive person but she HAD offered her house while we grabbed an apartment and was willing to house us until we got this one and also settled down financially here.

We both had jobs. We both made sure our part of the house was clean and dishes were done. That sort of thing….but she started blaming things on Leigh more to the point of this kicking out.

FORTUNATELY a good friend has offered her own place for these last two weeks and we still have a reservation on that apartment. This was just sudden, you know? And while friend was nice, she lives over an hour away from our work (so gas is going to be tight) and she sadly doesn’t have internet access so my presence here will be limited to whenever I’m near my job or something.

So that’s the current news. I’m going to try to push my summer commissions out quicker than ever so I can try to open some more for this. But if you’d like to donate or add to a secondary commission queue let me know. It’ll be greatly appreciated.

Other than that, though, we ARE on a good path. We still have our jobs, we still have food, and we still have each other. :3

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