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Anonymous asked: I like what I see and all with your art and stuff, but what the hell is the deal with that golfer Miko?

That would be a Koyomiko created by a friend via his Tiger Woods game. That’s all there is to it :3

Koyomiko has a TON of past incarnations due to her history as a fan-character-turned-original. She was used in others’ stories and such. If anyone’s curious, I can make a post about all the old Mikos tomorrow or something :3

But now it’s just the original Miko (Raison Miko) and Cartoonlion’s Miko from Second Generation that are alive and canonically kicking in their own worlds~

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Anonymous asked: we are the billions of scattered photon particles. we are very angry. :(


Well look on the bright side! At least now you can be in a lot of places at once! :D



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Anonymous asked: Have you ever played Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker?

Oh yeah! Only Zelda game I beat more than once! It was my first real Zelda title, too. :3 so many fond memories~~

And yeah, whenever I finally have the funds, I want to get a Wii U witg Wind Waker HD bundled. MEMORIES~~

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Click on pics for captions!

I’ve been thinking about my girls’ parents lately so I decided to sketch them out back in their own youths! They are drawn in various points in their lives instead of all exactly being “When they first met” or “When they’re having their kid” or whatnot xD

I think the only REAL noticeable things here are that Kentaro is an heir to a small but famous family restaurant. In a previous pic I’ve shown that he’s a cop. Also, Yurina is a clean and well-mannered-enough PE teacher…and Rin (who was still going by her original name back then) wasn’t in the NKP anymore.

I have all sorts of stories to tell even for JUST the parents, but I won’t yammer on about them until the time comes or if anyone’s curious (except for spoilers)

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